The Project

The Optima Residence originate from the desire to create a product of excellence and superior standing surrounded by nature in one of the most beautiful living environments, such as the exclusive location of the Arasio Area (Collina d’Oro, Montagnola), with the philosophy of maximizing the comfort and the living experience of its residents. On this basis, a project that embraces the fundamental concepts of quality, technology and sustainability has been conceived.




Sustainability and Technology.

The Optima Residence is located in a green, quiet and protected area, ideal for families. In order to preserve these values, we have developed an integrated system of technology and devices, in order to minimize the environmental impact and reduce the energy consumption.

Energy from the Earth

4 geothermal pumps, silent and durable over time, guarantee long-term independency from fossil fuels as sources of heating.

Savings in Operating Costs

It has been calculated that, thanks to its particular integrated heating system, the annual amount of energy costs is reduced by up to 80%, compared to traditional systems (diesel).

Zero Emissions

A “zero emissions” residence. The building causes zero emissions of smoke and gas, fully respecting the surrounding environment. The only sound you will hear will be the nature around you.

sostenibilita energia edificio

Advanced photovoltaic management system

The solar panels installed on the roof are integrated with the electrical management system of the building. Batteries accumulators stations allow the exploitation of the solar power accumulated during the days of heavy sunlight even during the days with no sun.

Smart Home

Next-generation home automation system researched and developed in Switzerland: flexible, light and customizable.
The home automation system allows to eliminate waste, tracking real time consumption of all electrical equipments.

Electric cars

The garage will be equipped with electric cars charging stations, each one related to a specific counter. We imagine and support a future characterized by a “clean” urban mobility, aiming to preserve the silence, tranquillity and nature surrounding Optima Residence.

The Group

The New Trends Group has been operating since 1991 in the real estate market in the Ticino Canton and in particular in Lugano. Exeperienced in real estate, over time has developed the technical competences nedded to develop building projects. The strenght that characterizes it is the marketing oriented approach and the strong inclination toward innovation and new technologies. The daily contact with customers allow to have a deep understanding of the different needs, starting from a market approach, namely the real customers' necessities and desires.



Montagnola / Collina d'Oro

The Residence is positioned on the slopes exposed to the South/West of Montagnola (Collina d’Oro), more precisely of Arasio, an exclusive area and one of the most renowned of the Cantone. Being a purely residential and very green area, the neighborhood is ideal for families, mostly composed of single-family houses and small buildings.

Project Modules

The Optima Residence comprises 6 apartments, with modules that have 3 or 3 bedrooms. The square footage is generous and goes from 120 to 140 sq. Every apartment is provided with independent laundry devices, big terraces, comfortable parking spaces in a garage and private cellars.

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